New Album 'Hounds of Justice'

To be released 13th April On iTunes
Physical copies of CD and VINYL, and other downloads Spotify, Amazon & more will be available from April 20th

Aberdeen album Launch party in Lemon Tree 17th April

DeadFire - Hounds of Justice Album

DeadFire | Band

DeadFire are

a heavy rock band from Aberdeen in Scotland, combining Old School Rock and Metal riffs with unmistakable vocals, High-Energy live Performances and down to earth comedy genius, it REALLY is impossible for their listeners, crowds and in particular YOU, not to love them. The 4 guys in Deadfire have very different influences, think AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath and Nirvana all blended into one, then you have an idea where they are coming from.

Deadfire signed to Fat Hippy Records in 2014 and have spent the last 6 Months tirelessly working in the studio on their second album, Hounds of Justice, which is due for release in April 2015. In this time they have also drained the National reserves in Jack Daniels, Tennents Lager, Strongbow, Guinness, Pizza and Trans-Forma-Snack Saucy Crisps. Not only have the band been working hard in the studio they have also been sweating blood and tears bringing their Music to you throughout the UK, and have shared stages with bands and acts such as Phil Campbell (Motorhead) and Hawklords, but to name a few.

So the bands ethos is simple, If you like in your face sleazy Booze Rawk and Metal, played loudly with attitude, and also enjoy over consumption of alcohol, Deadfire are probably a band you need to check out.

Deadfire’s first album, ‘Deadfire’ is available via I-Tunes, Spotify, Amazon and all reputable online download providers.

The brand new album, ‘Hounds of Justice’ is scheduled for release on Fat Hippy Records on April 20th 2015.